August 18, 2018

THAT'S RIGHT! WHERE ELSE CAN YOU WIN A TRIP FOR TWO AND STILL MAKE IT IN TIME FOR SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER?? RASCALS OF COURSE! MISS GINGER SNAPPS IS CALLING BINGO! Our weekly Bingo starts at 3pm today and YES, you can still win big- WE HAVE BEEN GIVING AWAY A LOT OF TRIPS  AND CASH... AND GUESS WHAT...... STILL WINNING! 5 TRIPS TOTAL SO FAR. WHO WILL  BE NEXT? Some of the prizes available include Lottery Scratch off tickets, $250 in cash (3 WINNERS SO FAR), and a trip to Ft. Lauderdale. There is now 3 Chances to win that trip in the prize bucket! Prizes are available every week, even if someone wins the week before. Join us from 3pm to 6pm for Bingo and enjoy great happy hour drink specials on wines, wells and domestic beer too. Bring a friend, tell a stranger... Only at Rascals, We'll See You There!






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